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Small Buffet Style(20 People)10 pounds of Lamb, Beef, Chicken, or a mix, 20 Pita bread cut up into 4 pieces, 1/2 size Pan of Seasoned Basmati Rice, 1/2 size Pan of Greek salad, 1-32 oz. Hummus Bowl & 1-32 oz. Tzatziki Sauce.


Small Tray of Lamb, Beef, or Chicken or mix. (10 Lbs),
20 Pita bread cut up into 4 pieces,
1 Small tray of Seasoned Basmati Rice,
1 Small Tray of Greek salad,
1 32 oz. Hummus Bowl &
1 32 oz. Tzatziki Sauce

Hot sauce if requested
20 Plastic Plates
20 Sets of Plastic Wares and Napkins

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